Why I Take Pictures

The first portrait I ever took was that of my brother Onyok when he was four or five. It was taken infront of our old house in Novaliches. He was wearing a pair of red shorts and holding a green cardboard pitcher stuffed with paper sunflowers. His hair was parted on the side, each strand immaculately in place. I shot this portrait using a Konica instamatic and a  roll of regular Kodak film.

For me, this picture is the embodiment of a perfect photograph not because of its technical merits (which I don’t think it has much of)  but because of the emotions it evokes in me- that of love and nostalgia. I remember this day exactly:  where the sun was, how hot it was, Onyok’s sweaty baby smell, and his waning patience with his older sister who couldn’t seem to get the shot she wanted. And when at last he smiled and the camera clicked, we both  knew I had my shot.

A single photograph can tell a thousand stories. But a good photograph doesn’t just make the viewer  feel like a spectator  but rather, a participant of what was going on when the shot was taken.  The best photos for me are those that make one feel joy, sorrow, sympathy, anger, desire, love and even envy… those that have the power to move.

This is my personal photoblog. The images you see here represent my feelings and emotions at the time I took them. I don’t know how my photos make people feel.  And honestly, it doesn’t really matter.  What matters is that I love taking photos and that I am constantly striving towards capturing important moments in my life.  If you’ve read up to this point of my long soliloquy, I’d like to thank you and invite you to be part of my photographic journey.



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